About | Ryan Morris

My Journey in Real Estate over the past 17 years has been interesting to say the least. On a daily basis I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to work with a wide variety of clients that are in many different phases of life. Some are buying up, some are downsizing, and some are investing. These clients range from first time buyers to selling homes where a family was raised. All can be emotional, some good and some bad, and I am here for them throughout the entire process.

I have taken risks and invested heavily in Real Estate, personally and as an agent. From the promotion
and building of one of the Biggest Real Estate Teams in Guelph through a 10 year span, to designing and developing an alternative way to Showcase and sell your property (using online platforms and presenting your home in a way that catches the buyers attention today). I have sold literally HUNDREDS of Houses.

Another side of my Real Estate investing includes once owning multiple rental properties, self-managing them, and then selling to re-invest into purchasing more property, updating the property with Designing/ Remodelling/Extensive Renovating, then reselling. An understanding of the cost per sqft and what is happening in the market at all times is so very important for continued success. I have since guided clients who were intrigued with the process, into multiple successful transactions.

Repeat clients and referrals speak volumes about the kind of Trust my clients share with me. I am honoured to work for them as I would be honoured to work for you. I was raised to stand by my word and do it right the first time. A handshake means a lot to me!

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