About | Imran Riazuddin

Imran was born and raised in Guelph. He grew up in the historic neighbourhood of St. Patrick’s Ward with his parents and sister. From a young age Imran’s father educated him on how important Real Estate investing is for a bright future. Imran’s family has owned several investment properties over the years in which his father encouraged him to be a large part of and to assist him in property management. From this experience Imran gained a plentiful amount of knowledge.

This journey gave Imran his thirst and passion for Real Estate. Imran acquired his Real Estate license in March of 2016 and has had much success, including awards acknowledging his achievements since then. With an energy level that most of us wish we had even an ounce of, he is able to accomplish much more in a day than the average person. If you give Imran a task, rest assured that it will be done in a timely manner.

Along with his speed comes his passion for Automotive…100% an automotive enthusiast. His other interests include culinary, health and wellness, interior design and furniture (both vintage and modern). Imran is bilingual with English being his first language. He is also fluent in Urdu. Imran is a proud supporter of The Children’s Miracle Network and Muslim Society of Guelph.

If you or someone you know is planning a move or a Real Estate Investment, Contact Imran to get in touch.